Established in Port Alfred (Eastern Cape Province of SA) in 1979, soon after Charles and Lou de Bruin arrived with their young family, seeking a better quality of life at the coast.  Port Alfred is situated in possibly the most beautiful part of South Africa and has a wonderful climate.
Kowie Marine Services is wholly family-owned and managed -  our passion is the sea and we strive to make our customers safe and happy when they enjoy their craft on our local waterways “Ensuring quality time on the water” has been our motto since day one.
Charles’ has extensive experience in the commercial fishing area and Darren has worked on private yachts in the Mediterranean for a number of years, and also owned and sailed his own Van der Stadt yacht.
Having said this, we believe that with our 36years experience in the industry we are well-positioned to offer the boating public of the area a well-balanced service.  

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Kowie Marine Services started building barges (pontoon boats) round about 2000. From the first really rudimentary offerings - little more than a jetty float with a console and seat (with perhaps rails, but no roof) to todays sophisticated "second generation" offerings - it has been an exciting and heady voyage. Our barges can be catorgorized as follows; First Generation Leisure Barges, our exciting Mini-Barge range, and then the "special" builds and conversions.


Our portfolio of recreational craft include craft for kids and beginners, the serious estuary fisherman and the more discerning boat owner, who "has it all".

We offer the following:

3.10m Dory (Kiddies & Dad)
"Little Big" 340 River Runner
410 Estuary Basic Model
410 Estuary "New Generation"
Variety of Skiffs "Open" Boats


Port Alfred has miles and miles of water. Where there is water, there are boats. And boats need proper moorings in the Small Boat Harbour, or in front of your property on the waterfront, or the marina. You need a jetty! And jetties need servicing and repairs done. And where necessary, replaced with new units. We specialize in repairs and rebuilds. And our new Kowie Marine jetties are in high demand because of clever design, quality finishing and proper installation.


That's where we started professionaly producing leisure craft in fibre-glass. We have developed a range of very popular canoes to service a diverse user market out there. In approximately 10 years we have manufactured and supplied in excess of 750 canoes to the user public - mostly in the Eastern Cape. Most of the large canoe trail operators use our very popular Discovery Canoes and the traditional Indian Canoe remains a family favorite.


Being around the marine industry for so many years, has positioned us perfectly to offer a service to boat owners who need repairs to damaged craft and / or total rebuilds and upgrades where necessary. The conversion of old craft has become very important to our list of services. Old boats are bought, in many cases as virtual scrap, and then converted into very functional alternatives, particularly in our case - leisure barges, which are very central to our operation and portfolio of activities.